Monday, June 29, 2009

Daily Fashion - Gaudy Couture

This week's fashion article brings you "Gaudy Couture Fashion House"

Gaudy Couture rescues, alters and reconstructs discarded garments into modern day fashions. They use findings of vintage velvet, tattered snippets of lace, pieces of silk, strands of old ribbon, and other delightful fabrics and materials.They turn their nose up at nothing. You can expect each piece to be unique and one of a kind. Each item may be embellished with vintage buttons, watches, jewelry, flowers, unfinished hems, random ruffles, and other unexpected trinkets. Most importantly,you will be wearing a garment as individual as you are!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Daily Fashion

This week's fashion article brings you "ILoveFawn" - and who doesn't!

Two cousins from Guelph, Ontario, Canada have a great appreciation for Mother Earth. When Nicole started making feather hair bands for her friends, Meghan (who's majored in Business) took one look at the bands and knew they had something good.

They love making these beautiful pieces and would love it even more if they could be there to personally hand you your hair piece, because they know how much you'll love it. They probably can't hand it to you, but you can trust that they'll put as much quality into your piece that you'll be completely satisfied!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weekly Home Decor

This week's home decor article brings you unique designs and talented forgings from an artist who's work can be found in stores around the U.S. and in notable Interior Design magazines, international museums, and books.

Smyth Boone is an eighteenth generation blacksmith, a family legacy that goes back to the time of the Vikings. Smyth combines his inherent blacksmithing skills with the versatile design talents of Robin A. Boone. The unique arrangement of Smyth Boone’s internationally recognized forging skills and Robin’s complex designs combine to form one of the strongest unions in the field of contemporary ironwork.

Unique designs and talented forgings have led to many notable publications of Smyth’s work that can be seen in books, magazines, and on the internet. Smyth’s work has also been featured in international invitational art museum shows that highlight contemporary blacksmithing. Smyth has presented public and trade lectures on the art and craft of contemporary and historical blacksmithing. Smyth and Robin share their skills with the blacksmithing communities throughout the United States and Canada by teaching at blacksmith conferences, art and craft schools, and by publishing many articles on design and technique.

Artist’s Statement

"The artist blacksmith has a unique variety of forging techniques that are specific to the craft of blacksmithing. Forged textures, joinery, forge welding, and the ability to transform metal are some examples. In my work, I highlight these many techniques through composition and execution of a project. The resulting effect expresses harmony of design and function with regard to the integrity of the medium."

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Fashion

The people behind larimeloom are:

Lucia Squillari - she is 21 and does most of the weaving, the sewing, the spinning, modeling and computer work (photo editing, listing writing).

Melissa (mamma) is the big thinker, having many little cubbies to look after. She often comes to Lucia in the morning to tell her all about some great brainwave she's had overnight... Also, she is the photografer , along with Shanty, (8 yrs) Lucia's little sister. They take great shots!! :)

All larimeloom items are 100% handmade, starting from the designs, all of which are created without patterns. Lucia often doesn't even draw the idea down, she just lays the cloth out and grabs her scissors and cut, fingers crossed for decent results :)
She is terribly impatient and what she loves about Etsy is that she has total freedom of doing what she wants. Lucia usually makes only one of each item because she gets bored making others exactly the same.

Each idea brings on several new ideas, both from Lucia and her mom.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekly Home Decor

This week we chose different items for your home decor from very talented artists. Enjoy!

Mahogany Wine Rack - by wudshapr

Rustic T-light Holders - by StudioElan

Wind Blown - by IllyriaPottery

Minty Green Leaf Bowl - by LynnCardwellPottery

Single-Stem Candlestick - by BoonesHooks

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Fashion

Born and raised in Miami, Fl Diane-Marie Brache Gelabert Rivera Santiago grew up in the sun. Now starting new adventures in the beautiful city of Seattle, WA this beach bum will become a snow bunny without forget her sunny roots. Her goal is to make women all across the world feel happy in the swim wear or anything they wear. All her items are made by her hard working hands and are limited items. This means you will probably never see someone wearing the same thing. Take a look at some of the pieces we chose for this article and don't forget to visit her amazing Etsy shop