Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Fashion

The people behind larimeloom are:

Lucia Squillari - she is 21 and does most of the weaving, the sewing, the spinning, modeling and computer work (photo editing, listing writing).

Melissa (mamma) is the big thinker, having many little cubbies to look after. She often comes to Lucia in the morning to tell her all about some great brainwave she's had overnight... Also, she is the photografer , along with Shanty, (8 yrs) Lucia's little sister. They take great shots!! :)

All larimeloom items are 100% handmade, starting from the designs, all of which are created without patterns. Lucia often doesn't even draw the idea down, she just lays the cloth out and grabs her scissors and cut, fingers crossed for decent results :)
She is terribly impatient and what she loves about Etsy is that she has total freedom of doing what she wants. Lucia usually makes only one of each item because she gets bored making others exactly the same.

Each idea brings on several new ideas, both from Lucia and her mom.


  1. wow great outfits! I'm going to go visit now :D

  2. They are great shots and nice outfits!