Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fresh from the studio

Sneak peek into our newest items. These new jewelry pieces are already available in our online store at www.ellejewels.etsy.com and 5 of the newest products will be included in the "Special Box" in our newsletter with reduced prices. If you wish to receive our monthly newsletter with secret sales and fun games, email us at design@ellecustomjewelry.com and we'll include you on the list.

Our new collection is all about the vibrant colors of Spring and nature. We add more designs to our shop on a daily basis so make sure to check it out. We also offer a little present for all our customers this month and next month - FREE SHIPPING on all orders.

Sassy Trumpet Flower Necklace
Delicate elements and a unique design make up this romantic necklace. The focal point is a large white trumpet flower adorned with smoky crystal stamins. The flower pendant dangles from sterling silver chain interrupted by smoky faceted czech glass rounds for a delicate look.

Royal Bouquet Bracelet
A sensational color combination and sparkle adorns your wrist and adds a touch of spring to your outfit. Yellow czech glass bell flowers are assembled in a spring bouquet and complemented by green faceted glass rounds. Earthy tones and lively colors paired up with brass components make up this delicate bracelet.

Blooming Roses Bracelet
Blooming Roses bracelet is a delicate feminine piece with a vintage look. Deep red resin roses bloom around your wrist accompanied by baby melon czech glass rounds in green and beige shades playing the role of leaves. All pieces are wire wrapped with brass metal components to accent the vintage look even more.

Blooming Roses Bracelet
A dainty antique gold dragonfly drops from two filigree components that look like lace. The detailed dragonfly carries a sparkling glass faceted drop in beige tones. The necklace is continued with smaller faceted czech glass rounds with a subtle sparkle that doesn't take away from the beauty of the filigree.

Flowers at Your Window Bracelet
A delicate silver floral rectangle is accented with polished resin in see-through fuchsia. The intricate floral design of the flower window focal piece stands out even more next to the colorful resin wavy rectangles and a littlee czech glass lilly blossom is in tune with the theme of the bracelet.

Pearls On The Fly Necklace
A detailed antique silver sparrow flies in the clear blue sky carrying a red lilly blossom. The flower pendant is accented by three austrian crystal stamins that sparkle beautifully next to the red of the blossom. Wire wrapped crystal light blue pearls with silver floral spacers add ellegance and style to the piece.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Home Decor

Last week in Monday Home Decor we featured etcArts. This week it's all about paintings.

Andrada’s Art Studio
Andrada experiments with different mediums and her works, inspired by the nature, world mysteries and legends, suggest a duality between the abstract and figurative, between textures of mixed media and fine lines of drawing, between reality and fairy tale.

When she creates art she prefers to let her natural instinct and spontaneity guide her. For her is the material used in artwork that has the quality to express something and tell the story. The guidance in creating art is coming from canvas and medium that she uses. Most of her works have a relief and a thick texture that give dimension to the piece. She has a symbiotic relationship with her art.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Touch of Nature Bracelets

Today's article is about two of our most favorite bracelets. They both have something in common: a large brass stamping leaf, one just aged and the other one silver-plated and then aged. The beauty of this leaf is that you can curve it to fit any wrist and they are large enough to be noticeable anywhere you go. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring and Nature-Inspired Jewelry

Our new collection is all about the vibrant colors of Spring and nature. We add more designs to our shop on a daily basis so make sure to check it out. We also offer a little present for all our customers this month and next month.

FREE SHIPPING for all orders (U.S. and International) and new lower prices on selected pieces are now available in shop at http://www.ellejewels.etsy.com.

My Secret Garden Necklace
My Secret Garden brings together natural elements with a slight vintage touch. Orange and ruby blossoms are stacked on a copper flower with curved petals that has been aged for a dramatic vintage look. Faceted jade rounds in very light green and little faceted orange fire-polished beads continue the necklace and add to the earthy feel of this necklace. Delicate brass chain and a brass lobster clasp with an extender finish off this nature-inspired piece that will bring joy and a touch of color to your jewelry box.

Blossom Locket Necklace
A silver plated locket etched with flowers is adorned with turquoise glass baby bell flowers and orangy-red glass rounds. Contrasting but complementing colors add sparkle to the vintage style locket and give a unique flare to this necklace.

Rustic Pearl Bracelet
Cognac bronze crystal pearls are paired up with filigree flower rounds in this delicate rustic bracelet. Elegant and unique in its style, this bracelet matches just about anything. The antique copper filigree rounds have great floral details and accented by the luster of pearls they just catch your eye.

Spring Swallow Bracelet
A dainty swallow flies away from a tree and brings you a flower bouquet. Inspired by nature and handcrafted with care to details, this bracelet adds a touch of spring to your outfit. A brass swallow that measures about 1.2" in length and 1" in height flies around your wrist with a baby glass lilly blossom in golden brown, a glass leaf, and a garland of shiny cognac faceted rondelles.

A Touch of Nature Turquoise Bracelet
This beautiful bracelet would make a lovely addition to any wrist! The focal point of the piece is a large brass leaf stamping (3 1/2") which has been carefully altered to fit the curve of any wrist. The leaf is accented by green turquoise wire wrapped with antique brass wire and a detailed turquoise lilly blossom.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Goodies and FREE SHIPPING for all products in our store through April 15

We are so happy spring is just around the corner that we decided to offer a little something special to all of you. FREE SHIPPING for all orders (U.S. and International) and new lower prices on selected pieces are now available in shop at http://www.ellejewels.etsy.com/. I chose a few products for this article, but make sure to visit our shop for over 200 jewelry pieces.

Dana's Garden Bracelet
Inspired by the beauty of nature, this bracelet wears nicely with any outfit. A heavy-plated silver over brass branch is adorned with a frosted green leaf, a white lilly blossom, and a little red coral round. Continued with beautiful rounds of red coral, this bracelet is fun to wear.

Florentine Bracelet
Dainty brass flowers are paired up with green amazonite in this cute summery bracelet with a vintage touch.

Little brass daisy flowers with detailed petals adorned with a tiny rhinestone and accented by ocean green amazonite float around your wrist bringing style, a splash of color, and a touch of vintage.

Garland of Leaves Necklace
Garland of Leaves necklace features a unique design that combines brass leaves with crystal pearls and czech glass flowers. Two leaves that have been aged to accent the beautiful details carry drops of champagne crystal pearls and a pendant comprised by a leaf and a glass bell flower in pastel colors. The brass pieces are connected with pearls and brass chain to a claw clasp and an extender adorned with a bell flower.

Spring Blossom Bracelet
Adorn your wrist with a fun, colorful, upbeat bracelet that will bring compliments every step of the way. An orange lucite flower with lots of details is set on a silver filigree flower and accented by silver petals and a blue/silver crystal pearl. Orange cat's eye rounds and silver blue pearls add luster and elegance and reflect the them of the centerpiece. This floral bracelet will add color and a stylish touch to any wrist.

A Touch of Nature Necklace
This beautiful necklace would make a lovely addition to any box of jewels! The focal point of the piece is a large brass leaf stamping (3 1/2") which has been carefully curved to form the pendant of the necklace. The leaf is accented by golden cognac crystal pearls wire wrapped with antique brass wire and interrupted by antiqued brass chain.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Monday Home Decor

Mondays are all about home decor and today's featured artist is Eric Sewell of etcArts. His unique style with amazing artistic details will captivate you at first glance. Whether you're looking for a new home present or a decorating piece for your home, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality, futuristic approach, and uniqueness of his pieces. Take a look at the products I chose for this article and make sure to visit his website for more amazing pieces.

Friday, March 6, 2009

New Jewelry Pieces Today

Romancing Necklace
Soft colors, delicate elements, and a unique design make up this romantic necklace. The focal point is a large white trumpet flower adorned with a brass filigree flower and freshwater pearls stamins. The flower pendant dangles from an antiqued brass chain adorned with little peach freshwater pearls for a delicate look.

Vintage Rose Bracelet
Vintage Rose bracelet is definitely one of our favorite creations. An antique bronze rose that is adorned with a pale golden pearl and sat on a filigree flower makes up the centerpiece of this bracelet. A strand of golden pearls on one side and chocolate brown pearls on the other side keep the vintage theme and accent the centerpiece in a unique way. Vintage Rose bracelet is an elegant and delicate piece that will accent nicely and outfit and is perfect for any ocasion.

Bella Necklace
Bella necklace is a vintage style and elegant piece with the flavor of spring and summer.
White flowers catch the light while seated on a bed of flower filigree. The necklace is made of filigree antique brass and copper findings and frosted white flowers adorned with red coral rounds, all connected with brass chain and secured with an antique brass toggle clasp.

Wooden Flower Bracelet
Natural elements come together in this unpretentious, modern bracelet. It all starts from the antiqued copper flower clasp. At 1 inch length, this clasp becomes the focal point of a unique piece. Redwood barrel and round components not only accent the flower but bring shine and color to this bracelet. Warm tones of chocolate brown and beige are assembled together in the Wooden Flower bracelet.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rebekah Wright Photography

Today's article is about a fellow artist who reminds me that photographs are a glance of our life. Her work is absolutely amazing. I remember when I first looked at Rebekkah's photos and how they took my breath away. Take a look for yourself at some of the photos I chose to post in this article and visit her website to see more.

Rebekah Wright steps away from the confines of traditional photography and works to capture your memories with a creative photojournalist's eye. Whether your aim is elegant or casual, her attention to detail and distinct style will leave you with stunning photographs from your photo shoot.

Couples Gallery

Families Gallery

Children Gallery

Portraits Gallery

Wedding Gallery